By Justin Gamiao
ACTIONS PER MINUTE is a series of digital abstract paintings and crafted poetry that is generated by simulated keyboard and mouse input from top-level video game players on the computer. It is meant to show the abstract beauty and complexity of “professional gaming” – a widely unknown and somewhat looked down-upon concept in today’s society, through an artistic genre that may also be considered as “weird” or “arbitrary” in its own realm. It is an artistic intersection between computer generated art, data visualization, and video games.
Justin Gamiao

About Justin Gamiao

Justin Gamiao is a interdisciplinary new media artist from Anaheim, CA. He specializes primarily in graphic design and visual communication, but has experience working in other computing art methods, such as video editing, coding art, electronic music production, and more, to create unique experiences for others. He enjoys creating works meant to combine and contrast topics that are often not intersected with each other in the realm of art, from gun control/Nintendo, sustainability/funerals, and most recently, esports/abstract art.

Anaheim, CA