By Wen Ling Chen
Asian traditional art has had great influence in art history. Although contemporary innovation in architecture styles has challenged the existence and aesthetic of the old-fashioned architecture, the spirit and natural approach of traditional architecture still bears unique design to be appreciated. Virtual reality offers a new form of visual and spatial sensation for audiences to actively articulate in the environment. This piece was inspired to launch in virtual reality due to the artist’s interest in expressing the dichotomy of vintage style architecture models constructed with contemporary technology. As such, Arcana is designed to show traditional architecture through an immersive virtual reality experience. Participants are invited to experience a virtual trip to a simulation of classical Asian town surrounded by a river and mountain.
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About Wen Ling Chen

Wen Ling Chen is currently a graduating student in University of California, San Diego majoring in ICAM Visual Arts. She started to show her interests in computer programming, art making, and game production in her works along with applications in virtual reality. Her works are emphasized with character portraits, project management, and creative narration. Sponsored by open-minded parents, Wen Ling can continue her speculation in creating art works with different technologies. Initiated with passions in programming and shifted toward art making, she is capable to do works related to any side of the production. Born and raised in Kaohsiung, she has lived in Paris and Arcadia prior to San Diego. She loves learning about art in different cultures. Aside from art making, Wen Ling enjoys cooking especially desserts and astronomy. Her career goal is working in the gaming industry as a producer, animator or concept artist in the future.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan