Better With You // Better Without You

By Sunny (Nicole) Johnson
Throughout our lives, we are constantly making new relationships with people – with family, friends, lovers, and acquaintances. Within these relationships, we sometimes either feel like we’ve grown and benefited from them, or we feel as if they’ve torn us down. Better With You // Better Without You is meant to illustrate the feelings of either toxicity or growth that come from these relationships. // Audio score by Justin Dingeman
Sunny (Nicole) Johnson

About Sunny (Nicole) Johnson

Sunny (Nicole) Johnson is a new media artist, curator, and programmer from Glendale, California studying Interdisciplinary Computing & The Arts and Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego. She started her artistic practices young, beginning as an illustrator and painter. Continuing these mediums throughout her younger school years, she also found a passion in ceramics at the age of 17. She has since kept up her work with all aforementioned practices, while searching to find ways to integrate them with new media work using computer software/hardware and programming. Her current artistic interests are audio/visual programming, sustainable land art, abstract light work, stage design, and projection mapping.

Glendale, California