Birds of Disney[land]

By Chanel Tonnu
Born out of an idea that came during a trip to the actual theme park itself, Birds of Disney[land] is an interactive piece that pokes fun at The Walt Disney Company’s use of capitalism. As the name suggests, the project focuses a bird and its journey around the amusement park. Users are allowed to join this little bird’s adventure by traveling freely around the map. While following the bird around on his trip, users will be able to see how the bird’s experience contrasts and mocks that of the humans.
IMG_9132 - Chanel Tonnu

About Chanel Tonnu

Chanel Tonnu is a visual artist from San Diego, California. She is currently an undergraduate student studying ICAM Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. Though she has experience in graphic design, illustration, and programming, she’s driven towards pursuing a career in animation.

San Diego, CA, USA