Brainwave Groove

By Sizhao Li
Is art making a mysterious process which requires extensive training and inspiration? My answer is no. People innately have the ability to create things on their own thought. The goal of Brainwave Groove is to make the art-making process simpler so that everyone can participate in creating their own art pieces. My idea is triggered by the “disenchantment” brought up by Max Weber. Specifically, the term emphasizes the ability of human beings and reduces the importance of mysterious power including god, karma. Therefore, a key element in my project is players’ bodies because they are the embodied representation of their inner thought, in other words, brainwaves.
pp - Sizhao Li

About Sizhao Li

Sizhao (Connor) Li is a senior student studying Cognitive Science and ICAM Visual Arts student at UCSD. He enjoys playing all type of video games and is a big fan of badminton. He is also good at designing and coding. He is from Shenzhen, China and graduated from Nanshan Foreign Language School.

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China