By Alexa Wheelan
Chronic is an online diary of a type one diabetic which is in constant confrontation with the user’s desire to invade the private and personal musings of Alexa Wheelan. Chronic not only allows users to pry into the aspects of the life of a diabetic that are typically prodded in day to day life by able-bodied people, but they must also confront the way that this behavior affects those diabetics whom they treat without sensitivity. A genuine representation of the daily toll of chronic illness, Chronic aims to inform and educate using an approachable online platform which honestly articulates the frustrations of this specific diabetic.
Eyes - Alexa Wheelan

About Alexa Wheelan

Alexa Wheelan, of the Central Valley, is dedicated to creating multimedia art which raises awareness around numerous issues, including, but not limited to, feminism, environmental consciousness, and disability. Her art is typically sardonic in tone, utilizing sarcasm and exaggeration to communicate the intended meaning of her artwork. Aside from computing artwork, Alexa is also a traditional character artist and body painter.

Bakersfield, CA, USA