Codependents Collective: Toxic Online Relationships

By Sean Tobe
Codependents Collective: Toxic Online Relationships aims to combine a live audio-visual experience with the videogame livestreaming community and the long-standing “copypasta” phenomenon (to spam copy & paste text). With a live-streamed Twitch.tv performance, I will be “copy-pasting” chatter’s absurd comments from the public chat of toxicity-supporting streamers into custom programmed, chaotic visual effects. Words fly fast in the chatroom…while the game is the content, toxicity can pass by a few eyes or make one else rethink their life.
seantobe_160b - Sean Tobe

About Sean Tobe

Sean Tobe is a computer-based visual artist. Inspired by his San Diego upbringing, Tobe implements practices and methods from videography, editing, photography, musical performance, visual jockeys, computer programming, and online video games.

San Marcos, CA, USA