By Rozanna Marie Lescano
Daily consists of a projection onto two heads that have been placed across from each other as if they were in conversation. At a distance, the foam heads are plain but lit up by the projector and the room is quiet. As one gets closer, they will start to hear this “conversation.” If one gets close enough, the conversation becomes clearer and they are granted more insight into the “people” they are approaching as the projection shifts to words that scroll across the faces. In Daily, the spectator is also an active part of the human interaction being simulated by the piece. Proximity to the project brings up the question of public, private, and secret spaces. It touches upon the bonds that humans form with one another. Simultaneously, it plays with the ideas of privacy, propriety, and human nature.

About Rozanna Marie Lescano

Rozanna Marie Lescano is interested in taking a critical look at human interaction. Focusing on themes of anxiety, privacy, and intimacy that are inextricably part of human interaction, her works take on forms reminiscent to that of the humans. These forms are meant to interact with the audience, turning them into an active part of the piece. Each interaction considers the nuances of human interaction. These nuances include what each individual may be potentially thinking, the situation they are in, and what is the socially acceptable manner to approach the situation. She puts focus on the concept of public, private, and secret spheres.

Concord, CA, United States