Data Mirror

By Chuhan Wu
Data Mirror represents the simplification of our complicated figures along with the ability to make the judgment that machine are coded to do. Data Mirror is trying to get audiences to experience the way machine visualizes human being, the opposite of how humans visualize data information. The purpose of this is to experiment on the visualization of human beings and stereotypes of races and identities through the machine, and to process the way machines makes art and create arbitrary judgment on the physical appearance of the humans.
Chuhan Wu

About Chuhan Wu

Chuhan is passionate about visualizing social issues as interactive and digital presentations, and will never stop exploring new technology and its relationship with human’s lives. She intends to contribute to solving the actual social issues and facilitating renovation of people‚Äôs virtual experience by using her skills in technology. She aspires to become someone who uses technology to change the world, and lead people to step into the next era of fully utilizing media technologies to discover virtual environments.

Beijing, China