By Shenglu Ma
DISCOVER is a video that takes the viewer to discover a dream universe that contains┬ámultiple unique planets. The world is very mysterious, and there are many discoveries unknown to human beings. And the universe is big and thought-provoking. DISCOVER aims to trigger people’s imagination and make people feel. All the planets in the work will be shown as islands in the world, all the imagination islands have archetypes, and they will be designed based on the architecture style, religion. And by expanding on one of the elements, there is Sci-fi Island, Green Island, Dream Island, Myth Island and Golden Island – a total of five islands. In the piece, the audience will ride a newly developed spacecraft and experience exotic scenery.

About Shenglu Ma

Shenglu Ma is a student from UCSD, studying ICAM Visual Arts.

Yuyao, Zhejiang, China