Feed It for ______.

By Ruilin Fan
Feed It for ______. AR pop-up book installation that reflects on the issue of obesity through the combination of physical installation and augmented reality. The art piece peeks over the obese life issue of humans, pets, and livestock caused by the human binge eating disorder, selfish dominance, and morbid aesthetic standards to other species. This artwork mimics the modality of a children’s beast fable; it’s a fable book for the adults, which visualize and taste the modern “illnesses” of the grownups. Through the perspective of food avatars, the audience can look at and reflect on the world of grownups: how we digest our desires, loneliness, and problems; how we impact other lives irreversibly: captivity, genetic engineering, morbid aesthetic standards, and how we materialize these other lives. Inspired by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldobird’s form of portrait paintings, the spectator’s avatar is in the form of a complex junk food character. Their adventure is escaping from being eaten by greedy humans, pets, and livestock. The six pages of the pop-up book lead the spectators to encounter the three-dimensional obese characters: a deformed human being, a demanding pet, and mechanical livestock through the VR platform on their electronic devices.
Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 10.15.44 PM - Ruilin Fan

About Ruilin Fan

Ruilin Fan is an interdisciplinary designer and artist, whose journey has always been looking for more possibilities of design and art based on different materials, mediums, and technologies. She is curious and passionate about trying various media and practices. She uses drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, graphic design, and virtual reality to achieve the art practices out of her interests and concerns: “War and Refugees,” “The Relationships between Human and Machines,” “The Elders,” and so forth. In the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, She manages to import the characters that self-designed, self-modeled, self-rigged, self-animated into Unity through Masterpiece VR, Google Block, Sculptris, Blender and accessories HTC Vive, and Hololense. Inspired by everything around her, Ruilin explores through the media, transforming impressions into images that express the multidimensional pictures in her mind. These creations sometimes express a specific emotion, the starting point of a serial drawing project, or a way to resolve design problems from prior studies. Ever since she can remember, this has been her natural way of thinking and responding.

Shenyang, Liaoning, China