Game of an Abducted Bride

By Gege Zhang
Game of an Abducted Bride is an interactive visual novel about a story of an abducted bride in China. Players take up the role of the abducted woman sold to a poor China’s mountain village where she is married. The second person view point helps players to interact with other characters, facing decisions and triggering events. The goal is for the player to escape the village and return to the initial life before the abduction. This for the game is to be achieved through making choices along the multiple branching storylines which culminate into diverse possible outcomes. The project is meant to provide more information and enlighten audiences about the ‘Abducted Bride,’ through allowing the player step into the role of the abducted bride and explore the different possible avenues that would lead to her tragic fate.
screenshot 4 - summer Zhang

About Gege Zhang

Gege Zhang is a new media artist, and writer studies at University of California, San Diego majoring in ICAM Visual Arts. She is devoted in the field of interactive art, digital performance, video, and art installation. Her work focuses attention on feminism and gender equality. She consider herself as a “storyteller,” because most of her work is through interactive games or video formats to communicate with audiences. Her other recent works inlcude Gate to Success, which takes the form of a 3D immersive game, reveals the gender gap between man and woman in different industry.

Changchun, Jilin, China