Household Fun

By Areli Margarita Alvarez
As children, we are surrounded with ideas of dreams, fairytales and cautionary tales. Yet our curious minds stay with us. There is something interesting in how children are tempted by the new and dangerous; stories told about grand adventures and choices leading to consequences that arise once we give in. However, that does not stop us from continuing to wonder and play with temptation. Household Fun plays with concepts of desire and consequences tied to the mind of a child. This project idea formed a couple of months after the artist experienced a severe hospitalization for a scald burn. Aside from the incident, one of the biggest things the artist will remember from that period in her life is learning that children are the majority of burn victims and survivors. Each year roughly 250,000 children in the U.S require medical attention for burn injuries.The weight of knowing this statistic led to more research on the issue along with other dangerous household objects that entice children. The artist chose this cartoon personification of the objects as one way they envisioned the connection between the object and the child. Inspiration was gathered by the 1930s “Golden Era” of animation along with Cuphead illustrations.
20171120_095004 - Areli Alvarez

About Areli Margarita Alvarez

Areli Margarita Alvarez is a graduating Visual Arts senior from the University of California, San Diego. She is a graphic and creative designer in various forms of design and media. Her work allows her to explore ideas from different perspectives as well as ideas which she usually finds close to her life from experiences. Hand crafts and projects have been her first works, and recently has taken up more graphic and digital projects, such as animations. She has begun to expand to digital works because she finds passion in connecting today’s technological world with the freedom of where ideas and emotions can lead. Areli plans to continue her work as she enters the creative industry.

Delano, CA, US