Immersive Words

By Min Jung Bae
In the world of sharing different ideas and thoughts on SNS, art history took another footstep towards discovering its value. We rarely discuss about artworks in an art gallery or museum with others after appreciating art, but we always share our thoughts through posting and commenting on SNS, text messages, or other multimedia forms. I wanted people to feel like they are really seeing artworks in an art gallery and, at the same time, they also enjoy leaving comments and share their thoughts with others just like social media. Based on this idea, Immersive Words integrated the traditional way of appreciating art and the modern way of enjoying online contents. Players can appreciate arts like they are in an art gallery and they can also share any thoughts.

About Min Jung Bae

MinJung Bae is an ICAM Visual Arts student at UC San Diego. She spends most of her time in the university finding unusual attributes of art. She has really enjoyed her journey to discovering her passion for interactive immersive experiences. Her interest in interactive art has spread into diverse fields, and she is eager to explore the world of interactive art even further.

Seoul, Korea