Meditation Pond

By Jacqueline Chia-Lin Lee
Meditation Pond is an interactive projection mapping piece that promotes stress relief and relaxation. It utilizes projection mapping software and motion sensing devices to simulate the experience of swimming in a colorful and tranquil pond to destress from the hectic pace of life.
IMG_7557 - Chia Lee

About Jacqueline Chia-Lin Lee

Jacqueline Lee is a visual designer and multimedia artist specializing in graphic design, product design, and interactive art installations. She currently works in the design industry and has been actively involved in design communities since entering college. By leveraging her experience in UI/UX and graphic design, her works show emphasis in crafting elegant visual design and seamless user experience. She seeks ways to express empathy in her works by incorporating interactivity, user-friendly designs, and immersive environments to keep the audience engaged. She is a believer of the motto “Iteration > Perfection” and an enthusiast for creative problem solving.

Taipei, Taiwan