Meet Social Media Me

By Karmah Eldesouky
Meet Social Media Me is a project that aims to explore the online social media profiles of real people and reintroduces them as another character based on public information displayed on their profile. As the artist, narrator, and “cyberstalker,” my goal is to develop and build these characters using the information accessible to me as a public visitor to their profile across different platforms. This project combines the traditional practice of drawing and the various components of digital media such as social media, photography, and videography. This project is a collection of minute long animations that each focus on a different character. A majority of images, scenes, and sounds within the animations are all reference to and based off of the online presence of these individuals. Paired with animations, are the words of the cyberstalker who narrates the story of these individuals from an outsider’s perspective, providing context and information to viewers. The collection of animations can be viewed and accessed by anyone on the YouTube channel “Meet Social Media Me”. Please note that all animations are based off of real social media profiles which have all been given aliases for privacy.
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About Karmah Eldesouky

Karmah Eldesouky is an artist and visual designer from Pasadena, CA. She is a first generation Egyptian-American who was exposed to art at a young age through her late mother. Living in a city filled with street art and playing video games both influenced her decision to pursue art as a career. She is a self-taught artist who began receiving professional guidance in 2012 after being awarded a scholarship from the ArtCenter College of Design to attend their Saturday High Program. In her artistic practice, she explores and combines elements found in traditional drawing, design, and photography. She enjoys drawing from both imagination and observation – the zoo being her favorite place to draw. Her primary mediums include graphite, ink, colored pencil and digital software.

Pasadena, CA, USA