Operate, Operating, Operated

By Michelle Karen Viado
Memories and what we have experienced shape who we are, and while we can try to share those experiences, no one can ever fully understand or empathize with what we felt and the impact of those memories onto our lives. Operate, Operating, Operated (O3) is an interactive piece that explores the artist’s memories using her body as a guide. O3 carries a theme of growth by chronicling different stages of the artist’s life. By revisiting both the highs and lows in her life, O3 serves as a sort of “emotional freedom” from the shackles of the past with the paper body acting as a chrysalis from silence to liberation.
000070070012 - Michelle Viado

About Michelle Karen Viado

Michelle is a visual artist and aspiring children’s book writer/illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. Her deep interest in illustration and storytelling from a young age has inspired her to weave narrative and commentary into everything she creates. While also experienced in graphic design, animation, and coding art, she is primarily passionate about creating compelling stories that can inspire and nurture the minds of children and video game character design.

Los Angeles, CA, USA