Perspective Explorer

By Chia-Jung Hsieh
Perspective Explorer is a 3D experimental exploration game which challenges users perspectives with a surrealistic modeling style. Perspective means “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view” according to the dictionary. Individuals’ viewpoints constructed by social conventions, lives experiences, and cultural values. It is hard for individuals to see the world outside the box or view the exact same way as others, but that is what the uniqueness’ perspectives making the world lively and diversity. The concepts of this artwork inspired from the film Inception, which shows how insane the world could become between reality and dreams by changing other people’s subconscious and perspectives in dreams then influence what happened in the reality. Another inspiration comes from artists Piet Mondrian’s tree painting series, Evening: Red Tree (1908), The Grey Tree (1911), The Flowering Apple Tree (1912) and artist Char Davies and his piece Tree Pond from Osmose (1995), using trees as metaphor with different painting techniques and technologies to convey their notions and perspectives.

About Chia-Jung Hsieh

Chia-Jung Hsieh is an artist and designer who passionate with modern art and obsessed with softwares and digital media. From previous art making experiences including graphic design, photography, user interface design to virtual reality, augmented reality, Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D, and other programming languages enhanced the possibilities of the art making aspects. Interested in indie game design, with coding and 3d modeling experiences to create an experimental exploration game project. The adventure of being an artist is to have full heart of curiosity, keep observing the details in life, and challenging individuals’ perspectives.

Hsinchu, Taiwan