Quantum Snake

By Erica Esserman
Quantum Snake is an exploration of the intersection between biological systems and collective consciousness. This locomotive installation is currently positioned at the GPS coordinates shown on the map. Upon an individual discovering the snake in the wild by chance or by purposefully seeking out the snake, the installation guides each participant to partake in a discrete section of the snake’s journey. The snake slowly maneuvers through the landscape as each individual disconnects and reconnects the blocks of the snake. The physical snake sources its energy from the sun, while its consciousness is derived from the collective human consciousness. The snake’s path becomes a tangible result of individuals directly manipulating the interaction of microstructures with the biosphere. Future evolutions of the Quantum Snake project involve releasing additional snakes into the landscape and studying the collective consciousness as it explores the possibility of the snakes joining as one.
DSC07126 - Erica Esserman

About Erica Esserman

Erica Esserman is a new media, interactive installation artist and collaborator. She began her academic career studying electrical engineering at the University of Southern California before finding her way to the ICAM program at the University of California, San Diego. Her work ranges from collaborative live projection-mapping performances at music events to projects involving stereoscopic filming, arduinos, or almost any technology that she can find. Her main interests involve projects which invite participation and/or interaction and investigate social, cognitive, and biological systems. She is an explorer at heart– with an affinity for travelling, backpacking, emerging technology, entrepreneurship, and new experiences.

San Diego, CA, United States