Smart Select

By Shirley Guo
“Smart Select is an online music listening platform which recommends songs to users based on their current moods. Users can either manually click a button to indicate their emotions or initiate the facial recognition detector, and let it catch their real-time emotions. After that, this music selection platform will redirect users to a recommended YouTube music playlist. Yet, the recommendation results are mixed. If users manually choose their motions by clicking emotion buttons, YouTube will generate a music playlist based on Keyword Searching. If users prefer to input their emotions using facial recognition, they will receive a list of animated memes deliberately chosen by me. Even worse, Smart Select will secretly spy on users’ emotions and make recordings. What makes the app unique is its ability to detect users’ real-time emotions —- in an ironic way. In a fast-moving world with the increasing influence of data, it’s believed that technology involving real-time data will soon be used in people’s daily lives, and it’s hard to believe in the accuracy and safety of guessing people’s emotion using just the machine. Therefore, this project indicates the artist’s mixed feelings about machine learning.
shirley - Shirley Guo

About Shirley Guo

“Design is intelligence made visible.” Shirley Guo is a senior undergraduate student studying ICAM Visual Arts and Management Science. From her past internship and competition experiences, she has constantly developed her interests and skill sets at the intersection of design, technology and finance. Her major specialty includes interaction design, data visualization and front-end development. She aims to become a Design Technologist or Front-End Designer after graduation. Besides Design, Shirley loves food, anime, and traveling. She is always proud of her traveling experiences to over 16 countries and is determined to continuing exploring the world and learning new skills. Feel free to check her personal website (https://www.diashirley.com) and glance over her current projects!

Wuhan, Hubei, China