Space – A Simulation of Chinese New Year

By Wendi Wu
Space is a simulation of scenes from Chinese New Year. For our Chinese International students, this may be a place that reminds us of a happy time with family and friends or an idea that we could use to celebrate festivals in the future. For people in China, this could be a new way to reproduce the conventions about extinction and a reminder of keeping the traditional celebrations. For other people, never experienced Chinese Spring Festival or even unfamiliar with it, this could be a playful and real-experiencing introduction to our traditional culture and an exciting way to promote the unique conventions to the world.
IMG_2330 - Wendi Wu

About Wendi Wu

Wendi was born in Nanjing, China and then went to San Diego for a college education. She studies ICAM Visual Arts and Applied Math, since she wants to find something that combines art and technology. Math provides her the basic knowledge and logic thinking while art helps her explore the infinite possibilities. She focuses on making installation and interactive art projects which relates to her cultural background and social identity.

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China