Sports and Esports: A Related Ritual

By Alvin Louis Agana Pascua
Sports and Esports: A Related Ritual is an installation that takes the form of a living room space. This living room is home to a fan’s place of watching their favorite game live from the comfort of their homes surrounded by other fans and décor that shows their interest in the sport. While society looks down on esports wanting gamers to go outside and play something, the same could be said about physical sports. These two worlds may look different on the outside, but on the inside, it is the same. Given that this installation is a recreation of living room space, the set up requires that one would find in said space: a couch where anyone could watch from, a coffee table where social interactions are made, a TV stand where anyone views the sports or esports from. Miscellaneous items found would include jerseys, posters, chips and dip, beer, cigarettes, soda, and energy drinks scattered all over the area. The TVs would project both sports and esports for the viewing audience to see the similarities between the two worlds.
Alvin Pascua

About Alvin Louis Agana Pascua

Born and raised in San Diego, Alvin Pascua has been fascinated by video games at a very young age starting with the Nintendo 64. Coming from a large family of gamers, Alvin was exposed to the competition that video games has to offer. Specializing in media installation, Alvin’s works embodies the topic of his pieces, one of which includes a tribute to Dr. Seuss.

El Cajon, California, United States of America