Story Trip

By Chiao J Wang (Joy)
Story Trip is an iOS app combined with an interactive night lamp, which is designed to promote parent-child relationship and promote early childhood development. It aims to help developing children’s mental health through storytelling and increasing interactions between parents and children during the precious bedtime story moment.
IMG_3256 - Joy Wang

About Chiao J Wang (Joy)

Joy Wang has always been passionate about design since early childhood. Her interests and dream about furthering her career as a designer encouraged her to pursue her higher education in the United States, thus leaving her comfort zone/home country- Taiwan. As she pursued her undergraduate degree at UCSD, she realized that computing and art are able to incorporate well together, which can be helpful to send artists’ message across to their audience, and also to simplify numeric data in a clearer way to the general public. Now, she desires to be an UI/UX designer and app developer, and continues to practice to strengthen her interdisciplinary skills. She aspires that her skills can contribute to modern technology and the design industry one day.