The Birth of the Big Bang

By Shelby Tindall
The Birth of the Big Bang is a multi-sensory installation piece that gives viewers a glimpse into what it feels like to be in space, to have experienced the birth of our universe. This sensory “room” will allow viewers to experience space using all five of their senses. The piece will create an all-encompassing abstraction of space, allowing viewers to see stars, and smell, hear, feel and taste space. This project is an experience of the un-experienceable, in every sensory way possible.
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About Shelby Tindall

Shelby Tindall is a visual designer based in San Diego. As an artist she is intrigued by the unconscious and how interactive art and visual stimulation can unconsciously elicit emotion. Her works explore how color and light can evoke themes of dreams, the unconscious, the surreal, and the feelings these themes invoke.

San Jose, CA