Unique Creation – Sid

By Paul Chong
College students suffer through a multitude of problems, both mentally and physically, be it stress from exams or physical fatigue from overworking. Unique Creation – Sid is a video game that explores the strife and suffering that many college students go through during their time in college. The objective of the game is to overcome boss battles that serve as abstract representation of obstacles college students must face. You will play as Sid, a toy robot going through an existential crisis trying to discover who he is and what he is meant to do.
20190514_185520 (1) - Paul Chong

About Paul Chong

Paul Chong is a concept artist, illustrator, and designer from Los Angeles, California. He has worked on projects in game development and animation employing his skills in character and environment design to bring about imaginative and unique creations.

Los Angeles, CA, United States